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Uniq PC 150 with integrated signature tablet (digitizer) is an innovative device intended into the modern client centers. It provides electronic identification of person, modern biometric signature and its objective and sophisticated evaluation. It offers effective functionality of touchscreen control (rotating, zooming, listing,...)


The exceptionality of Uniq PC150 is emphasized by using the vintage integrated signature tablet (digitizer) – Uniq Sign with 10 inches diagonal. The special interconnection of touch and signature surface allows to see the client signature and also signed document at the same time. The evaluation of signature is objective thanks revolutionary software, which evaluates the angle of downforce the pen point and also its dynamics. The falsification of signature is almost zero.

Thanks integrating of modern technologies into the one device the Uniq Sign allows:

  • presentation of institute advertisement – presentation of texts, documents and videos
  • identification of client through chip card reader, RFID reader or Dallas key
  • to show and present the offer directly to the client (within business case)
  • client can select from the menu and confirms the selected services or parameters of service
  • verification of document by handwritten electronic signature


Client subscribes through signing pen on the screen of the integrated signature tablet. The placement of signature window depend of application. Signature pen is battery free, it doesn´t have any operating cost and also it is maintenance free.

Digitizer data are preparing through wintab.dll32 library which Elcom supplies along with device.

Touch panel and digitizer are working independently. This feature is particularly advantageous for application because it can manage actual work or to specify the priority (for example switch off the touch panel at the signing).

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